Performance and dance

Ylva’s performances takes inspiration from various techniques, from dance and martial art, butoh and from shamanic/ spiritual experiences and “mystery of life” research.

It’s not necessarily political in it self but Ylva definitely stand for something and directly or indirectly fighting for it. You could call it freedom, To be who you are, in the body your in, with the genitals you happen to have and to simply be able to do what feels right and good for you today even if what you are today might change tomorrow..


Performance in music video for “David Shaw – Please Please Please” Paris


Ylva for Tianzhuo Chen “trailer” muisc by Gabber Modus Operandi

Solo performance at “Le Symbiose Project” Paris (shot by Lena Capilla Sanchez)


Movie “Dracula is not dead” Paris

Performance at Alvaret, Ă–land – Sweden


Solo performance “on satge”

Performance la Fiac x Kaliente x Kantik – Paris

Performance “Love in 3D” for “Lost and Found” – Amsterdam


Training Shaolin Kung Fu (qufu shaolin kung fu school) – China

Performance and Choreography for L’orangerie – Paris