For solo Exhibition by Bettina Pittaluga

For Christian Louboutain by Castel – Island

For Ylva Falk’s music project by Helen Mastrandreas


For Yaz Bukey by Tania et Vincent – Paris


Collaboration Ylva x Okta Puss x Naula Studio x Part of 4 x Jannah Roy – Bali


Collaboration with Ylva x creature BXL x Opelie Longuepee x bixento – Brussels

For Adidas by Maxime Bellesteros – Paris

Collaboration Ylva x Angie Anggoro by Katerina Morozova – Bali

Collaboration Ylva x House of Malakai x Viktor Herak – Berlin/Bali

For Airbag collectif by Julia Tarissan – Paris

For Pawaka By Voktor Sloth – Bali

For Gelareh designs by Max Kinskey – Bali

For Part of 4 by Spenser Blamo – Bali

For Am sea imaging by Michales Kaziales -Amorgos/Greece

For Hirotaka by Alexandar Dragicevic – Tokyo

For Rick Owens – Paris