Workshop/ YOGA

The Workshop

It’s Beyond Body

Is a dance, performance, free and aline your body method using metaphors.

Ylva has gathered information from all over the world from different teachers.

Learned techniques, external and internal martial arts, butoh, dance, yoga etc

its a way to upgrade your system
Using your body, mind, spirit and emotions

Ylva is creating a space where you can get comfortable out of your comfort-zone

For dancers, performers, body researchers, and everyone els

Use as therapy, freakout, get rid of trauma and tabu
or to deepen your movement and expression as a performer.

To get that energy flow and the Qi out and about!


Find more info onĀ  Inside out


Beyondbodhi instagram for sword lessons and more.



Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga Workshops to truly heal!

“I’ve been practicing yoga for soon 20 years, starting with Kundalini Yoga at the age of 14 and since then its been a long journey with many different teachers and styles but always somehow searching for what first fascinated me, before yoga was trendy and easy to find in every corner, when yoga was still something mystical, ancient, spiritual and hard to find.

I was searching for true healing powers and I finally find my home in the tradition with traditional tantric Hatha yoga. The deeper i go in this journey the more i understand its not so mystical after all. That its actually just ancient human science about things we usually can not see with our open eyes. Nothing more mystical then that a prism can make a rainbow or that energy flows and travels thorough our bodys and in joined junctions of energetic channels creates clusters of energy (just like electricity) this clusters can also be called chakras… and that sanskrit is bearing the actual meaning in vibration of the word it represents and in that way we can via vibration access deep in to the vibration of our sells .. well.. all this is a longer conversation but can be explained, understood and used for mastering our lives, to get more stable, calm, gain confidence etc and to heal ourselves to get going what we are actually here for! find our dharma (life goal) and shine / thrive both in the spiritual and physical “worlds” ”

Every class/workshop consistes of Asana (postures) Pramayama (breath work) and Meditation.

will bring its true potential when is practiced every day for a minimum of 40 days (in a row) Sadhana.




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