Ylva Falk (which means “wolf falcon”)

She comes from a small village in a big forest, which gave her a lot of space to imagine the big wild world. She made her dreams come true by training as a warrior in Asia and by living in Paris, making her a skilful survivor of metropolitan cities all over the globe.

Ylva grew up on the Swedish countryside, her main inspirations as a child was the nature, the spirits, her imagination and dreams. Far from everything in the middle of nowhere, Ylva’s dads vinyl collection that contained everything from psychedelic rock, communist / folk songs to reggae, hip hop and pop, became a way for her to travel out of the ordinary. 


After graduating from a contemporary dance school in Sweden, Ylva moved to Paris to explore and express herself as a dancer, performer, choreographer, model, dj, stylist etc 

2014 she started a Collaboration with the Chinese artist “Tianzhuo Chen” aka “Asian Dope Boys” as both performer and choreographer. She’s part of the Parisian performing art collective “House of Drama” Together with performer and rapper “Mc Gaff-e” they form the psychedelic space hop sensation “Mega o Mega”. she’s also “Clowning” with the circus troop “Quality Novelty” orchestrated by the award-winning “Marawa The Amazing” , touring with the artists like La Femme, Aisha Devi, Dis Fig etc She also has been a muse and model for Rick Owens, Jean Paul Gaultier, House of Malakai, Andrea Crews and Louboutin amongst others.


Currently working as Y.L.V.A on her debut EP “Inner garden” collaborating with musicians like Colin Johnco, Nodey, Salopecia, Khng Khan, Eat Gass, Emmanuelle Parrenin, Paulie Jan, Arsalan Nasiri to name a few. 



“David Shaw and the beat” music video


find me dancing in the new video

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7, 8, 9 of may 2020:

The 12 hour performance TRANCE by Tianzhuo Chen
at Kampnagel, Hamburg – Germany

for tickets and info Kampnagel